Happy Persian New Year 2018 Wishes – Nowruz Mubarak

Our life is in our own hands. It all depends on how we mould it. What we do today will affect the coming day. So, we have to be mindful of what we are doing today and act wise. We cannot foresee our future, but we can build the future with our actions. Today we have come up with Happy Persian New Year 2018 Wishes for friends and family.

Friends and family are part of our lives. We are nothing without them and their support. They bring out the best in us and appreciate us more than anyone else. They take a stand for us whenever needed and stay with us when everyone leaves us alone. Friends though are not blood related, the relation we share with them is no less than the relation we share with our own siblings. They always stay with us as a soul support. They are our actual partners in crime with whom we do all the silly things in life. When it comes to family, it is our strength. If we have a good loving family, we have everything. No matter how high we reach if we don’t have any family member to share our happiness then we cannot enjoy the taste of success.

Happy Persian New Year 2018 Wishes – Nowruz Mubarak

Happy Persian New Year 2018 Wishes

Today we have come up with Happy Persian New Year 2018 Wishes for friends and family. As Happy New Year is soon to ring in, you can use these Happy New Year Messages to show the love you have for your friends and family members by sending these messages to them on the New Year Eve. So, copy them from our page and share them with your buddies and clan members on the occasion of New Year Eve.

بنگر به رستاخیز طبیعت که چه زیباست . و هر سال ستاخیزی دیگر را تجربه می کنیم و چه زیباتر رستاخیز انسان در این عصر آهن وتباهی

ای خدای دگرگون کننده دلها و دیده ها ای تدبیر کننده روز و شب ای دگرگون
کننده حالی به حالی دیگر حال مارا به بهترین حال دگرگون کن سال نو مبارک

رونق عهـــد شبابست دگــر بوستان را / میرسد مـــژده گل بلبل خوش الحان را
ای صبا گر به جوانان چمـن بـاز رسی / خدمت ما برسان سرو گل ریحـــان را

ای نو بهار خنـــدان از لامکان رسیـــــدی / چیزی به یار مانی از یـــار ما چه دیـــدی
خندان و تازه رویی سر سبز و مکشبویی / همرنگ یار مایی یا رنگ از او خریــدی

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