Happy New Year 2018: Best quotes, SMSes, Wishes to Your Mom and Dad!!

A great year is about to pass soon.  It will give its place to a New Year that brings yet another new set of challenges into our lives. It will fill us with the spirit of newness.  We need to cherish the memories of the year that is passing while welcoming New Year.  The old year retires and welcomes New Year to take its designation.  The cycle repeats and repeats until the earth stands still.  We seek direction from the God to drive us in the path of righteousness and truth.  The old year ends for a New Year and new beginning to come.

In order to make the New Year bring something special for us we all have to make a move in our lives.  Our move should be in such a way that it removes all our negative thoughts.  The second we give up on our negative thoughts we are free from everything in this world.  The main intension of celebrating New Year is not actually to welcome a New Year, but to reform ourselves in much needed areas.  We should have a new soul and new mind that thinks as fresh as it can.  We have to sow positive thoughts in our mind to yield fruitful results in the future.

People usually set goals on the New Year as part of New Year resolution. The resolutions are not just meant to be made on the New Year day and to be broken next day.  They are meant to be followed no matter what.  We are the creators of our own destiny.  We have to find out how we want to see ourselves and strive to become one.  New Year 2018 is almost here to come.  We are here today with Happy New Year 2018 wishes for Dads and Moms.  Read on!

Happy New Year 2018 Wishes for Dad and Mom

new year wishes to mom dad

Happy New Year 2018 is right around.  The days are flying with rocket speed.  Have you thought of holding any special events on the New Year Eve for the special people in your life?  We are talking about parents. Can there be any special people other than our parents? Never and ever, right?  Today we have come up with Happy New Year 2018 wishes for Dads and Moms.  Our parents are next to God.  They are the people who drive us in the right paths of life. Their sacrifices can never be counted.  They are above the universe when it comes to giving and granting our small small wishes.  It is not we who will be on cloud nine for our successes, but it is them.  They are the soul supporters.  For those angles in our lives, we have collected some lovely Happy New Year 2018 wishes.  You can copy them from our page and share them with your parents on the day of New Year.  These wishes are heartfelt wishes that are written especially for the parents.  These wishes say how much your parents mean to you.  So, don’t forget to share them with your lovely angles on New Year Eve.

My life has a lot of stories which I have spent with you. Believe me, I cannot imagine my life without you. Happy New Year.

My parents, you are like a dark cloud for me. I need this cloud at my head all the time. No difference how old am I, I am still dependant on you.

I am seeing your photos and you both look like a happy couple. I wish you to live more life together in this New Year too.

The industry of love is flourishing with every passing year. The good point is that such industry needs both of you to learn rules of utmost love. Happy New Year to my parents!

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